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Introducing the Jagua Gel Cones set, an innovative and distinct way to create eye-catching body art. Made from the Genipa Americana fruit, these gel cones produce a stunning dark blue-black color that is sure to capture attention.


Whether you're heading to a festival or just looking for a unique way to express your creativity, these Jagua gel cones are perfect for you. Simply apply them directly onto your skin and let them work their magic.


With each set of 3 cones, you can create an array of designs that will last for up to two weeks before gradually fading away. Whether it's intricate patterns or simple shapes that you're looking for, the possibilities are endless with this versatile product.


Experience the beauty and creativity of Jagua gel with this set of 3 cones today!


Weight: 10g(e) each cone with 0.38mm tip size.



Jagua powder

Xanthan gum

Lavender oil



Some people may get allergic reaction due to the sensitivity of the skin.

Always take a patch test a week prior to application.

If in doubt please stop using this product.


Note: This product is not suitable for children under 10.

Jagua Gel Cones (Set of 3)

  • Store in the freezer straright after you receive them.

    These cones will last for 6 months in freezer.

    Please do not keep them outside the freezer while not in use.


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