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Luxury henna paste (Ready Mix) is best for making your own cones at home. Like our henna cones the paste is 100% natural and chemical free.


  • Available with pure Lavender or Cajeput Oil.
  • Stain will mature within 36-48 hours.
  • Shipped in a piping bag. 
  • Each bag is approximately 200g(e) and 400g(e).
  • Approximately 10-11 cones weighing around 18g can be made with a 200g paste.


Note: Lavender oil is suitable for pregnant women and children under 6 whereas Cajeput oil is not.

Luxury Henna Paste (Ready Mix)

  • Freeze henna paste in an airtight container once you receive it.
    Keep the henna paste at room temprature one hour before application.
    Do not freeze the paste more than 3 times, as it will affect the quality and stain

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